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The Pension, hotel and conference and training centre are located in Ośno Lubuskie, a tourist and holiday town situated among the hills of Lubuskie Upland (Wysoczyzna Lubuska), in Lubuskie Lake District.

Called by the local people the Pearl of the Lubuskie Land, Ośno can pride itself on rich and diverse history that goes way back to the XIIIth century.

The following monuments bear testimony to the history of the town:

-  a Gothic church of St. James from XIIIth century – the town’s oldest building
- town walls from XIVth-XVth century – Medieval walls with numerous towers
- town hall from XIXth century – Neo-Gothic town hall built in place of a Gothic one
- Late Gothic Chapel of St. Gertrude from XIVth century

Numerous XVIIIth and XIXth century historic tenements intertwined with narrow streets add up to the atmosphere of the town.
Ośno is also often associated with great scenery, virgin nature, numerous lakes and rivers. What is more, you are sure to meet cheerful, smiling and open people here.
It is simply worth visiting, just to stop for a breather, calm down and relax.